Choir workshop

The classes are diverse, thanks to that they liberate a huge activity and creative ideas in the participants.

Everyone is encouraged to create their own songs, accompaniment and musical improvisations.

An important educational aspect is being conscious that with your voice you can express yourself as a individual and connect in social contacts. Through the listening a human “is adjusted” to his surroundings, in witch something is happening, music is an incredible esthetic stimulus shaping a young human into an mature, coherent personality.

During the Choir Workshop there are discussed questions like:

human voice as an instrument, a sound as an acoustic phenomenon, traits of the sound, what is imagination, sound phenomenons, what is a sound imagination, what is a music intelligence, pure intonation, marking, how to master the correct voice vibration, what are transitional sounds, what hides the term – voice coverage technic, voice records, falsetto, what is the role of consonants and vowels in singing, what means selecting breath and respiratory support.

Topics discussed are also linked with health problems associated with the voice and examples of the correct way to care for your voice in the physiological and psychological sense, about the hygiene of the voice and the harm from the shouting and over straining your voice.

We also drew attention to the necessity of the silence as a relaxation factor that is desired by our hearing organ.

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