“To describe the Workshops of ms. Agata Steczkowska is a totally impossible task. In these ten exceptional days we received such a strong peace of various experiences, that there’s no way to describe it with words.
The decision about taking part in the workshops despite appearances was not easy. Dilemmas that we’re “too old” and our son is too young turned out to be completely unreasonable.

Everyday we spent in Radziejowice brought to us new experiences, it surprised us and it made us discover again long forgotten passions.
Our son on the on the other hand, was absorbing all the colors, sounds and forms in the plastic, instrumental workshops and concerts.
Workshops were to us an uncommon gathering with wonderful people, devoted and infecting us with their passion. To see up close their work and to be present in their company everyday was for us a unique sensation. With a surprise and admiration we were observing as well the children, that on every step were surprising us with their talents, bravery and openness.”

“Dear ms. Agata Steczkowska
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for financing my participation in the Artistic Master Workshops. If it wasn’t for your help I couldn’t be able to participate in this event.
My adventure with the Workshops started in 2006 in the city Bialy Bor. It’s there where I was enchanted by the world that you have invited us with the masters. It’s where where I learnt the magic of night improvisation, that I am awaiting whole year. In Bialy Bor I also learned that one should nurture his voice.

It was a unique experience in my life – from that moment I can not imagine summer vacations without taking fart in your Workshops.
This year, it was my fourth time. I was developing my performer skills in the theatrical workshop, I was learning the studio work in the studio techniques workshop. I was also a student in voice emission with mrs. professor Woltman-Zebrowska. Thanks to those exercises I was practicing the song, that I sung in a Holy Mass.
In this year’s Workshops I was also fascinated by djembe instrument – I was learning how to play it in the Instrumental Workshop. I think it’s a great instrument, and playing it gives a lot of positive energy.
Workshops time was a very nutritive time for me. Time of kind of freedom – freedom that I can’t experience anywhere else and a one that I’m missing. I learned a lot new things, I earned new abilities, I discovered a lot – about myself as well.

Thank you very much for the Workshops, for that thanks to you I could participle in them. Unique teachers, students, unrepeatable atmosphere makes that everyone, who tried the Worksops, wants to com back.
I hope, that in the new year, I also will be able to be a participant in Your World and discover whats unknown.
Once again, I thank you for the opportunities that you opened for me.

With regards
Magdalena Lepionka”

“What I learn here in 10 days is more than in whole year in school. I can do exactly what interests me and in what company! Here Master is a Master”

“My daughter in never satisfied, she criticize everything. After those Master Workshops she arrived and told us that she have finally found something on Hers intelligence level and that she couldn’t possibly be bored there even if bye wanted to. She doesn’t want to go anywhere else. At last we’re stay relaxed planning her summer vacations.”

“In Workshops we like the most, that everyone is treated like a young artist. No one is obligating us to do something, but they’re suggesting the bed ideas. The teach us how we can discover our talents and how to develop them. Masters are helping us, and they are really good in their work.”

“Dear participants of Agata’s Workshops!
In every illness you’re passing better and worse stages. This morning, when everything was going as planned it turned out that I have to go back to the hospital for the intravenous drip, it was one of the bad times of my illness though. And suddenly thanks to Anna – my younger sister, I heard through the phone Your strong and warm voices singing “My Soul, Praise the Lord” this hymn always was always making an impression on me when

I was listening to it, when with you all I was singing it in city Bialy Bor last year. But this time it’s every tact was an exceptional injection of the energy to me and I remembered, that there are people in this World that are not indifferent to my health state, that there are sensitive people, that give all it’s energy in the smallest aggressive action – in Art. I thank you all very much.

My situation proved, that World is not made out only from sympathetic, compassionate people. Somewhere over there is waiting a bad part, and sometimes it even comes to this that we have to feel it’s doing on our selves suffering. But everything that I have felt from the good people, after this experience confirms me in the believe, that the strongest way to defend ourselves from the evil is to be together, a strong community, remembering one about another, disinterested help, compassion, and that, that brings us all together – the Art.

Every note that you sung today had a great power. Thanks to it, I stood up quickly after my morning depression. Thanks to it, every one of you can stand up in every occasion – remember it! You are the power of Your friends! So there’s no need to think about those evil forces in the World – one just has to be vigilant and make Art – music, plastic, theatre – just how you do it on your Workshops. I wish you a great time in city Elblag. I hope this Workshops will give birth to another unique fine arts – dogs, spectacles, photographs, sculptures and what ever more comes to your mind. I sing so myself with the dedication for You guys our music song “I had one time tree socks, the rest blown away the wind…” and after this morning I’m so full of positive energy that I will survive every bad moment of my illness. Thank You!
I salute all the participants!
I salute all the Masters – Agata, Pawel, Anna, Szymon, and who is more there… General? Marcin? Just everyone.
Konrad Imiela”

“The Grand Performance is the best thing. And in the holy mass, when we sing and play people stand up and clap their hands. And later they say that they were lucky to experience this type of holy mass.”

“The Grand Performance, photos and paintings exposition, origami, sculpture… I can’t believe that we could make so much in those few days. But I saw myself, how everybody together, individually and in groups worked hard. But why I don’t feel tired? I feel proud.”

“My son in the school never even opens his mouth to sing, even when he receives F and another F. Here he sings with a mouth well opened like he was born to sing. How ms. Agata she convinced him? He was also scared of the drums, he was saying that he would damage them and that their are too loud.
And after two days he was showing me how red his heads where from the instruments playing. And he was so happy that I persuaded him to go to the Workshops.”

“It’s fourth time that I’ll be in the Workshops. I throw everything, I take my kids and I go. Because in front of my eyes my children discover, what is the best that they have inside of each other. This ms. Agata will take the little hand, she will pet the little head and every little shy ones starts to sing, play instruments, they play theatre, and then they run to the stage: proud of themselves and with a smile from one to another ear!”

“I’m a buisnesman, I brought to the Workshops my sun, but when I saw what’s happening, I made myself a participant. Those where the best vacations of my life.”

“I have two charming grand-daughters, we travel to ms. Agata’s Workshops, because here everyone of our four finds something for himself. Grand-daughters forgets about the world in the Workshops and when we meet in the free time they can’t stop talking… they have so much to tell. And we saw many things, but here is marvelous! Family vacations in the best style.”

“I’m a very critical parent and I always check to whom and to what my child will be exposed before I register him. So I traveled to the Workshops myself as well. My daughter comes back from every year amazed – like me.”

“Ms. Agata and her brothers knows how to do it so you feel like home, in the family. It’s warm in here, safe, and whats more, there’s all the time happening something interesting, that you can’t catch your breath.”

“Ms. Agata!!!
I’m so thrilled that I went to Your Workshops. I met so many warm, open and heartily people, and most importantly You. I took out something good for myself from every workshop. We worked very hard and the fruits of that work were fantastic.

I have to admit, that I liked the most the role of a journalist. Thanks to it I learnt the opinions of the participants about workshops and masters. Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to give an interview to everyone.
The atmosphere, that You created was splendid. I felt that we were one big family. All the lessons integrated us strongly.
Every Master wanted to share his knowledge. He was giving a lot of passion and dedication into his teaching. As I watched masters I felt eager to work with the participants, and most of all I felt happiness from what they were doing, and with a clean conscience I can tell, that they taught me a lot.

You have a wonderful family! Everyone are very nice, open-hearted, smiling, helpful, shining with positive energy, everyone sings so beautifully and I admire everyone for something!

You taught me a very important lesson – “Never say: I can’t, I don’t know how, I’m scared”. I have to admit thoughtfully that I’m a little bit of a shy person, but those Workshops changed me. I became more open in many concrete situations. My future I bond with journalism ( I love to talk with people, have openminded conversations with them, listen to their opinions on many subjects, maybe because I’m an Aries in the zodiacal horoscope and so I’m very curious of the World, or maybe it’s a family thing that we have ;) so when You asked who want’s to be a journalist I raised my hand although I was very shy. After the first interview that I made I forgot that there are cameras all over me and I forgot what the words “shame” and “stage-fright” means.

I am already counting days that are left to the next Workshops!
With regards
Martyna Gadalinska ;)
P.S. Please say “Hi” to all your family from me! And most of all to your Mother!”

“I saw my 7-year old on the stage. For the first time. He’s so shy. He sung, danced, smiled, he even performed as an actor! I had to see it with my own eyes, I didn’t recognize my child. And the sculptures that he created…”

“Atmosphere. Here is particular. It’s not only that everything circles around Art, we have so much laugh, fun and chill out, and we work like crazy. Masters are amazing people.”

“We are five siblings, every year we fight about who will go this time to ms. Agata’s Workshops. We need to have a schedule, because everyone wants to.”

“I don’t want to go back home. I don’t want to go back to school. And again I have to wait one year more. This is the worst.”

Workshops changed me a lot. Most importantly I believed that my singing has sense and that it can bring happiness not only to me but also to others. Thanks to You ms. Agata, I opened greatly not only my mouth but also my soul :) I’m more open to people and everything that surrounds me. I’m not scared to make decisions, I’m more ofter sure of what I’m doing and I know what I want. I have my goals (…).
I know that I’m created to do something different, although I don’t know what yet. I hope that I’ll find it soon :)

On the Workshops I learnt humility towards others and myself. Formerly I used to look at others from above. It’s not that I though that they’re worst than me, just the opposite, I had complexes and while trying to hide it I begun to be a conceited person. Now I know my worth, thanks to Masters I know, that a good person cooperates on the same level with people smaller than himself, and bigger ones, and he never look down on anyone. I know that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and that I’m a normal girl thats doing unique things. How it turned out “modesty pays off” ‘coz lately I heard from a person I’d never expect to hear something like this, and on who’s opinion I greatly depend, that I’m a unique person, that that person respects me and admires for what I’ve done and what I’m struggling with, and that she’s jealous of many things that I have :) I have to admit – It made my day :)

After Workshops I tried my power also in different fields – photography and drawing – how it turned out, with successes :)
Agata Kusek :)”

“Dear ms. Agata!
I won’t forget this vacations never in my life. I thank everybody that were present, and for that I could meet them. The atmosphere there war to friendly that we established an unwritten bound. I felt like I knew everyone from my birth, I felt like we are all one big family.

Workshops taught me a lot of things, I was developing my talents, I found myself on this workshops, I feel like they were made for me. I also noticed one thing. I found that Life is like an Instrument, the older you are the better you play it, you master more techniques, you gain more confidence and experience.

I’m so sad, tears are still running down my cheeks when I think that to the next Workshops it’s still one whole year of waiting. Thank you all, just, thank you of everything! I miss you!
Weronika Dolczewska (:”

“Dear mt. Agata,
Workshops were incredible… I’m happy that besides singing I could also progress in theatre and dance. It’s so great that I got this chance, because it was wonderful working with ms. Kasia Lewandowska and mr. Grzegorz Kotlowski.

Ms. Kasia is an incredible, very warm and forgiving person. She have a very good contact with both children and adolescents… I can’t forget about wonderful and very creative mr. General that yet another time surprised us positively with his vision of “Grand Performance”. I write about them, because I CAN’T IMAGINE next Workshops without those two, very special (for me) persons. Other masters were excellent, but those where the most close to my heart. I only missed pr. Rafal Zawistowski, but I hope next year he’ll honor us with his presence :)

The atmosphere was nice, there was a lot of noise, but it’s normal ;D I personally don’t have any objections for the work in this ten days, I liked it very much. I think everyone of us found in themselves new passions, personally I think that ms. Agata’s Master Workshops are a beautiful experience.

I thank you ms. Agata, I had a lot of fun. Congrats for the wonderful idea and keep my fingers crossed!!!
P.S. Please say “Hi” to all the eager participants. If nothing happens for sure I will appear next year ;))
Thank you very much
Dominika Dudala”

“Hello ms. Agata!!!
The workshops I liked the most are:

sculpture – because with all the group we could use our creativity, ex. hair from seaweeds or bikini from gravel that we fished out of the sea

dance – I love to dance and to move. Thanks to dance workshops I could learn something about myself and cha-cha dance. Partner and modern dancing were always interesting me.

cosmetic – nails; from ms. Sylwia I learned how to take care of my nails and how I can make interesting decorations on my nails. I know how they are build and what ornaments I can use.
makeup; for everyday and for performance, I learnt about good cosmetics and I had the occasion to do a makeup to my friend… and it turned out pretty. When we were painting each other like monsters no one could recognize us :)

lute making – in violin making I was interested by the history of violins, how looked first violins, where are they from and I wanted to know how long one make such a instrument and how you can make one.

choir – I learned many nice songs and I sung in a choir.

Oh, and I liked workshop when we painted with sprays on the wall of the greengrocer. Thanks to those workshops I stimulated my imagination and I had the chance to paint on a wall… hihihihi
It’s only a shame that dance, cosmetic, sculpture workshops where so few… and that the meeting with Maciej Zakoscielny and Justyna Steczkowska was so short!!!”

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