Art Workshop

The objective of the Art Workshops is to evolve manual abilities and painting imagination of its participants. The classes are taking place in the workshop room or in the outdoor scenery. The necessary work tools are:
easels, boards in B1 format, card stock paper paperboard compressed format 100/70 cm, charcoal drawing pressed, soft pencils from 2B to 5B, eraser bread, acrylic paint, hog brushes, stretchers 150/300 cm, pig ply cotton, ticks paper, frames plexiglass in B1.

Drawing exercises are related with the literary subject realized on the Theatrical Workshop and creating the Grand Performance. The participants are making it while learning the basics of the academical drawing, how to use the linear perspective. They use the proportions of the object they’re drawing. Showing the variety of fabrics we show the richness of the forms that are surrounding us. Participants are drawing while using chiaroscuro. They exercise drawing of the nature and drawing from its imagination.

The works are complimented in the vernissage before the Grand Performance.

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