Instrumental Workshop

Where music is experienced as something subjective, through the play on an instrument, it becomes an educative medium.

In the Workshops the participant has a possibility to touch, play on a big group of instruments from all of the world (there’s around 100 instruments) and from the beginning he’s encouraging to break out of the fear of touching instruments (“I’m scared because I’ll brake it”) in the same time we’re raising awareness that instruments are not toys and should not play them like toys.

A master is presenting various instruments, discussing its history and construction, he shows the way to play every instrument solo and in the group.
On Instrumental Workshops the participant has contact with instruments like:
acoustic grand piano, electronic piano, keyboard, violin, viola alta, cello, contrabass, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, electric saxophone, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, a various wind wood instruments from the world (flutes: recorder, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, pipes, hurdy gurdy, percussion, congos, bongos, djembe, shaker, knockers, glockenspiel, metallophone, ksylophon, tebetan singing bowls, rainsticks, and others.

Instrumental workshop are teaching a harmonic acoustic consonance and collaborating in a group. The participants are learning to play selected rhythms, change them and mimic the on the specified signal. They learn to concentrate, respect each other through conscious participation and being responsible for the whole performance of the track (they are not allowed to disturb each other, laugh at errors of others, or play “against the current”).

On this type of workshops the participant is shaping within himself an auto discipline and perseverance from the desire and happiness found in making music together. They also find out how difficult it is to master at least in a tiniest, basic level the ability to play an actual instrument.
The classes in a perfect way regulates the cooperation of the two brain hemispheres, they strengthen the sense of rhythm and synchronize biological rhythms, they inspire happiness and will to play, the relax body muscles  and they are natural regulator of a stress remover. 

Of course all the exercises, both individual and in group are endeavor to show the effects of the master and the student in the Grand Performance, which is a wonderful personal and collective experience, that brings always a lot of satisfaction to every performer and public.

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