Origami Workshops

On the Origami Workshops participants learn to work in silence, they make complicated and precise manual actions. They practice eye-movement coordination, lateralization of brain function: left-hand right-cerebral hemispheres and the other way around, that supports the development of the kinetic intelligence and it supports healing diseases like dislocation.

It’s an ideal workshop for people who have difficulties with making tiny actions. On workshops of this kind work that are made are individual and collective, small, medium, and big sized, full of colors and black and white, practical (for ex. jewelry), spatial, flat, convex, with a usage of glue and without any binder.
The plan of the workroom shows two techniques of origami:
crumpling (controlled “squeeze”) and corrugation (waving through squeezing). Those techniques allows to design and make clothes from paper. There also will be created a project to make a whole costume made entirely from paper with the origami technique (preparation of origami template, applying origami on the template, suitable fixing with heat that will fix the pattern.

Young participants are preparing decorating elements to she costumes, neck accessories and brooches (from paper and fabric).

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