Sculpture Workshop

Through the participation in Sculpture Workshops is developing spatial imagination. Occurs an improvement of the eye-movement coordinate. Creative stroll on the complex park allows to see an inspiration that can give the nature.

Students discover formal dependence, compositionality and logic of the shape. The possibility to creatively modificative the World that’s surrounding us, and a creativeness of the observed inspirations. The sculpturing process needs the two-cerebral hemispheres, that supports concentration and creativity. In the exercises students meet the resistance of material and they learn how to dominate it and how to steer it.

The possibility to express oneself in a shape allows to boost or even discover one’s identity and autoanalisis of a young artist. Students will learn about tools, techniques and types of sculptures. They will see a prism of auto expression posibilites, that let to make a development road of a young sculptor more individual, based on his physical, physiological and mental predispositions.

Sculpturing is the most comprehensive type of art whose roots are in the physical world (form, shape, material, way of sculpturing) and mental world, divided on conscious one (idea) and subconscious (expression), and all of these elements creates the poetry of a sculpture (the ensemble of the piece of art).
The best works will be presented on the vernissage on the Grand Performance.

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