If you want to try something you have never tried before, find your passion where you don’t expect it to be, brake free from your limitations then try it on Agata Steczkowska’s Artistic Master Workshop.

Some has already found their talents. Others are still unaware of their artistic abilities. Everyone are searching for an appropriate person on their way, a Master, that would share his experience and encourage to action.

Artistic Workshop is the perfect occasion to explore in a creative environment, under an eye of recognized authorities, secrets of the music, theatre, dance, sculpture, photography and fine arts. Classes by original autor’s programs, that are breaking stereotypes of hard and laborious learning in schools. They propose instead a full of happiness creative activity.

In our Workshops we don’t use words like: “I don’t know how” or “I can’t”. In the atmosphere of trust and security everyone has the right to try his strength in proposed disciplines.

The crowning of the Workshop is a publicly opened Grand Performance, in wich all the participants are defeating stage-fright and presenting theirs accomplishes.

Workshops are for people of all ages.

For 10 days, among Masters in a very friendly atmosphere you will experience a “new World” that will open the space for undiscovered talents and passions.



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