Love in the Poetry

“Love in the Poetry” is a concert performed by the Steczkowski family, that move the audience into a world of poetry, music and painting.

In the spectacle artists where accompanied by instruments known and unknown. To the known part we could include: percussion, guitar, tenor saxophone and alto saxophone, in in the unknown part for sure EWI saxophone (electric wind instrument), special type of flute, and hurdy gurdy.

Hurdy Gurdy is a forgotten instrument, that from the oldest times was serving singers. Hurdy Gurdy was played by famous Wrenychora. This instrument was accompanying the songs in the middle ages music. The biggest application of hurry gurdy was in migrations of forefathers of the village named for example in England “Holly Man”. They, as a “living paper” where announcing true stories through songs. Hurdy Gurdy played in the concert in the accompaniment of two forefathers songs. The instrument was made by Pawel Steczkowski under the eyes of masters: Stanislaw Nogaja and Stanislaw Wyzykowtki.

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