Agata Steczkowska's Vocal Workshops 2013

To whom we direct the workshop

The project is directed to the young people from high school:
– that are interested in the growth of their vocal abilities,
– that have the artistic ambition to participle in the nation and european festivals,
– that have some artistic achievement, participating before in competitions, festivals, records.
During the interviews there will be selected a group of 50 most talented persons.

The Workshop is divided in four parts:

1) Choir workshop
2) Individual voice emission
3) Instrumental workshop
4) Studio technics and Sound Recording workshop

Choir workshop

The objective is to determine the congenital musical abilities and the evaluation of it’s formation.

The workshop teaches a collaboration that will guide into a singular and beautiful harmonies in two, three and four simultaneously sounding melodies, that waken up a musical creativity, they calm our interior, they make us more sensible to the variety of colors of various voices and an individual sound.

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Individual voice emission

Is directed to the persons who shows an interest in singing solo.

Singing is an act, that should be very regularly and methodologically worked on.
Thanks to appropriate vocal exercises and accurate selection of a repertoire for the workshop, you can achieve a marvelous effects, but it needs an absolute individual teaching.

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Instrumental workshop

It’s a class where you have the opportunity to recognize the history and construction of the instruments from all over the World.

From the begging we encourage to break the anxiety of using the foreign instruments

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Studio technics and Sound Recording workshop

They invite the participants to the world of professional sound recording.

The listeners will be touch the rules that guides the creation of the sound, while making an analysis of the various instruments. In the next step they will be exposed to the recording devices, such as:
dynamic microphone, tape echo, different types of cables, adapters and the correct way to use them.

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The workshops were guided by those persons:

Agata Steczkowska Choir workshop, diagnoses and voice emission
Małgorzata Woltmann-Zebrowska voice emission and diagnoses


Send a CV and a record of the participant (if you have one) to the Centrum Promocji Kultury in the quarter Praga Poludnie in Warsaw with note Warsztaty Wokalne Agaty Steczkowskiej until 30 march 2013
Centrum Promocji Kultury
Praga Poludnie, Warszawa
(street) Podkarbińska 2, 03-833 Warszawa
Workshop schedule:
The workshops will took place from 10:00am to 08:00pm in 6-7 april, 11-12 and 25-26 may 2013.
Workshops are free of charge.

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