Individual voice emission

A young vocalist needs to master: the correct respiration system, based on a consistent work of the thoracic diaphragm, a soft way of attacking the sounds, the correct and effective articulation and a maximal use of resonance (the ability to direct the wave of a sound in a way, that activate the vocal resonances giving them the best reinforcement of the basic voice tone).

Those particular actions must been performed simultaneously and in the correct way. Because of the young voices participating in this workshop it’s necessary to have a very delicate leadership of a voice, but in the same time it’s crucial to use a series of changes and exercises, so they can help open the voice, extension the vocal scale and obtain certain technic abilities that will enable the performance of simpler and more difficult songs.

This encounter with the music can make the dream to sing bloom magnifically, and can make a wish to be with the art whole life. It can fill your heart with fire to create and performance an ambitious music and show you a fascinating road in you life.

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