Studio Techniques and Sound Recording Workshop

The lessons also drives attention to the practical usage of the learned knowledge. In this step participants create their compositions or they recreate the compositions prepared earlier and they start with an assistance of the professor for the recording. Each person have the possibility to experience the difficulty of work with the microphone, and also how to sing or play with the whole music group in a studio. Everyone will know the basics of the of the usage and rules that functions in the professionals programs that records and edit the sounds, the student gain a practical knowledge, that will be useful not only in the record studio, but also in everyday life.

The participants gain the consciousness of what is hearing, how those it function, how do we receive different frequencies and what is the use of them. They will also learn the answer to the question; why sounds with low frequencies we can hear even with the door and windows closed, and they will also learn how to respect your own hearing so it will serve you the longest time. Whats more, the participant breaks out from the fear of the public appearance, knowing his recorded voice, that always appears to “not be ours” 

The classes also teaches the concentration, collaboration with others, the ability of the improvisation and continuous search of new solutions.
The student gains the self-confidence and the awareness of how difficult but always interesting challenge it can be for the newby to records his own voice.

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