Activities and objectives of the foundation

Agata Steczkowska’s Foundation “9 Phenomenals” objectives:


non-profit cultural activities

non-profit educational activity and teaching of the students

initiation and support of the projects that represents palish culture in the world

development of the civil society

charity activity for the professional and communal rehabilitation

science charity and technical-science activity

non-profit environmental protection activity

charity health help and social help activity

non-profit activity for the handicapped persons

support for the physical and sport culture

religious activity

culture and tradition protection activity

support for the polish social development

support for the development in the international collaboration and European countries

other social, beneficial and charity activities.


Agata Steczkowska’s Foundation “Phenomenals” activities:


organization of: workshops, meetings, conferences, lectures, study journeys, trips, banquets, festivals

educative and teaching activity, promotional, advisory, publishing and investigative activities

support and promotion of the non-governmentals organization’s activities

creating and directing schools, kindergartens, institutions in the field of education, social and health help and cultural institution

creating and directing choirs, musical, instrumental and artistic groups

organization of concerts, recitals, exhibitions and artistic performance

creating, editing and publishing educational, school and personal books

production of films and creating music for movies

music CD recording with movies and it’s distribution

management of the recording studio

creating musical instruments

management of the consultations and advisory activity for non-governmentals organizations, and other institutions and individuals.


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