From the begging we encourage to break the anxiety of using the foreign instruments, and in the same time being aware that the instruments are not toys and one should not play them like toys.
In the workshop the participant have the contact with:
acoustic grand piano, electronic piano, keyboard, violin, viola alta, cello, contrabass, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, electric saxophone, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, a various wind wood instruments from the world (flutes: recorder, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, sopiłki, oktawówki, pipe, and others), hurdy gurdy, percussion, congos, bongos, djembe, shaker, knockers, glockenspiel, metallophone, ksylophon, tebetan singing bowls, rainsticks, and others, also called “przeszkadzajki”.

Instrumental workshop are teaching a harmonic acoustic consonance and collaborating in a group. The participants are learning to concentrate, respect each other through conscious participation and being responsible for the whole performance of the track.

Everyone shapes an auto discipline and perseverance from the desire and happiness found in making music together. They also find out how difficult it is to master at least in a tiniest, basic level the ability to play an actual instrument.

The classes in a perfect way regulates the cooperation of the two brain hemispheres, they strengthen the sense of rhythm and synchronize biological rhythms, they inspire happiness and will to play, the relax body muscles and they are natural regulator of a stress remover.

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